Psychedelic Boulevard

FANLINK Psychedelic Boulevard

HELLO, this is one of my older projects, which I decide to release. I created it ca. 2000 around with one of the first Cubase VST versions. ENJOY & THX!

FANLINK Summer Dream

HELLO, after 6 month on work this is my modest contribution for a very cool or hot summer 2019! Three version will be available. ENJOY & THX!

FANLINK Austria Mysterio

HELLO, these songs have a longer history. Inspired by Enyas “Orinoco Flow” I created the first version 1999 with the first Cubase VST version and the legendary ReBirth RB-338. ENJOY & THX!

FANLINK Teck(no)logy

HELLO, the basic message of this track is: People must be careful how so-called AI. The second message is: humans were glas!


HELLO, DARK SKY is a updated version from a very old track of mine called CHANGE MY MIND. I created it about 2001 and was also never released. ENJOY & THX!


HELLO, this track is a newer version from my old song “Shake Me” (2004), which was released on a sampler CD “Musik Von Hier #2” in the year 2003. ENJOY & THX!


HELLO, WALHALL has a longer history. I created the first version around 2001 – I believe. I think it sound really nice, so I created 2017 a newer version based on the original arragement from 2001. ENJOY & THX!