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Hello @all, I present you my track “Teck(no)logy“.

“Teck(no)logy” arised coincidentally, cause I routed the midi out from my TB-03 mistakenly to my Virus B, so the basslines and the synth sequences are the same notes :-).
The basic message is: People must be careful how so-called AI could influence our actions and actions in the future. Large corporations are researching artificial intelligences, also military industries. Where this can lead Hollywood shows us in many films.
The second message is: humans were glas, that is consciously controlled. BE CAREFULL with your personally datas!

By the way: it was in the year 1997, I created also a track called “Tecknology” with the first version of Magix Music Maker … maybe destiny?

Release date: 21.09.2018
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Genre: Techno