DIY Musician

Hello @all,

here some background informations about me or that. I´m a low budget musician cause I can not afford a other service provider for that thinks, so everthing here is DIY!

I create my own promotion videos with OBS; the creation and content of the website with WORDPRESS; I programmed my „semiautomaticFANLINKS with PHPSQL and a little bit of HTML/CSS and everthing around the content in the social medias (blog pics, textures, …) like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and co. (see social icons at the bottom of the page).

Ahh … yes, and I create the music also – so by the way!

Well, content management takes a lot of time – more time as the music creation itself !! In the last weeks – or better months – I updated all my SocalMedia- und music accounts; deleted older postings and prepared this new contents on my website. But that´s an other story, you can read here.


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