Contentus Curare

Hello there,

I told you, that I´m a low budget musician, so the only way to promote my music is social media and – it´s a never ending story – data maintenance in social media. It´s crazy to pay over 500 EURO for 24sec radio advertising. So in the last three months I was mostly busy to:
> optimized my website
> deleted all posts in all social media channels
> prepered and process the new content (create blog pics, textures, …)
> searched for the rights keywords/tags
> considerations made about my social media framework / model
> searched email to radios and mags for a newsletter system (>200 contacts)

FUCK A LOT OF WORK!!!!! and I really don´t know, is it good, or bad; it´s the totally wrong way or on course or is it be worthwhile? I can write my own doctoral thesis about that.

I´m someone who works structured, or is it for that overdone? I can´t say it. Fact is anyway that the administrative work needs more time as to create the music only.


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