EDM Musician (AT)


I´m JUMP Projects, an Electronic Music Producer (AT), Carinthia, born 1978 in Tyrol.

Average release time: all 5/6 months a track distributed by Soundcloud.

It´s only a hobby, but I love it!

I use a MSI Laptop, Cubase Pro, Presonus 1824c, TB-03, TR-08, D2, JV1010, TD7, a Swissonic EasyKey 61 as Masterkeyboard and a handfull of Softwaresynths (Iris, Synthmaster, Halion, Avenger). My JV1010 and TD-7 are the older modules, over 20 years. But they works still very good … well … Roland qualitiy!!

I´m married, two sweet girlies, Lea and Marie and my wife Irene, who gives me the time I need.

I’ve actually been making music since 1996. At that time, however, self-distribution was impossible. I sent countless demo tapes to labels, but unfortunately nothing came of it (see Playlist Unreleased Tracks, some of the tracks are from that time).

Basically I concentrate me to create Techno, Progressive Dance/Trance or similar. But sometimes, I also create something like Drum&Bass or other.

Yes, I was also a DJ from 1995 to ca. 2001. Me and my buddies had turned an old mill into a party cabin (called “SoundMühle”). The CDs and vinyls were shot there almost every weekend.

From 2009-2015 I took a musical break, after the birth of my first daughter I started again.

My parents had a couple of vinyl records that I used to listen to when I was a little boy, including one by Jean-Michell Jarre form 1978 (I think it was Oxygen). I guess that was my motivation to make music myself. I started with one of the first versions of MAGIX Music Maker.

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn to play an instrument like the piano or the guitar. I learned to play the flute in elementary school, not laugh!

Actually I love the sounds from Tinlicker, Orkidea, Above&Beyond, Guiseppe Ottaviani, Charlotte de Witte, but also like U2 and REM, but … see my reposts on Soundcloud.

My music creation process looks like this:
° A melody or chord manifests itself in my memory
° I strum the keys of a keyboard out of boredom until I like something
The former is 80 percent true!