EDM Musician (AT)


Release Date: 09.06.2018

ISRC: CH6541866783

EAN/UPC: 4061798108862

Genre: Techno

Lengh: 05:05 (mm:ss)

The basic message is: Be careful about how so-called AI could influence our actions and activities in the future. Large corporations are researching artificial intelligence, including the military industry. Hollywood shows us in many films where this could lead. Apparently he’s getting lazier and lazier when it comes to thinking.
Also pay attention to what content is shared on social media. It’s best not to speak, otherwise your voice will be copied by an AI and call your grandma/grandpa. Don’t post any vacation pictures either, as someone could break into your house and clear them out.
By the was: the synth line arised coincidentally, cause I routed the midi out from my TB-03 mistakenly to my Virus B, so the basslines and the synth sequences are the same notes….