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Musical Creation Process

How do I create my music? Well, you can also ask Leonardo Da Vinci, which or what kind of inspiration moved him to create those famous drawings or sketches.

Whether you swing a brush over the canvas or play a piano with your fingers, artistically the same result comes: a beautiful painting or a good song (or a ugly picture).

But now back to me. For me, I have five steps definded

Generally I use for the separete tracks Fabfilter Plugs. For the groups or sum UAD Compressors/LImiter or plugins from Izotope, like Low End Focus, the Mastering Section and Insights.

1. The first idea is a simple chord or synth step – what ever – in my mind. Alternatively, when I play the piano to myself, one or the other idea may come up. Usually something places itself in my imagination!

2. When my idea is semi-clear, I create some kind of formulary. I create audio part by audio part with the sounds (drum, percussion, bass, synth steps, synth pads, …). In this step I separate the frequencies for each audio track, add FXs parts (Delay, Reverbs, Chorus …). I use minimal Compression/Limiting (max. -2/3 DB, less is better than too much) or Sidechain for selected tracks or/and in the groups (drums, bases, synthsteps), if necessary.

Basically, I’m already thinking about what the arrangement could look like. I usually do the Radio Edit first. Later a Club Mix.

The Formulary

3. In the next step is the arragement. It also happens here that I change a audio part to another, because it might not good or this or that could be better, OR I add new audio parts again.

The Arrangement

4. When I think my track is ready, I mixdown the groups. Here I use automation curves for loudness or for EQ bands. Also Compression/Limiting or Maximize for separete parts or in the sum. This thes is an option, not a must have to do.

Group mixdown

5. And at last the final mixdown and the track is ready.

Final Mixdown

Well, step 4 and 5 could I do all in one.

More or less, that´s it.